Carefast | Storck Race Results – Manhattan Beach Gran Prix Aug 7

Manhattan Beach Grand Prix


The boys in plaid were back in So Cal for the 55th Annual Manhattan Beach Grand Prix. This race attracts big fields and the racing is always fast on this 1.3 mile course. It is an out and back course with a decent riser before the first turn followed by another small bump then a fast downhill into the final turn, leaving approx 300-400 meters to the finish line. The first race of the day was the 35+ 3/4 with Jeff Mitchell, Sergei Vasilyev, Shannon Larsen and Tony Rago. The boys lined up in a field of 55 racers with the plan to get Jeff in a break and then protect it from being chased down. Early in the race Jeff made his move and slipped away with another rider while the rest of the guys did a perfect job of discouraging a chase. Jeff was able to stay away with over a 30 second gap on the field to seal a second place finish! Unfortunately Tony went down in the final corner of the last lap as he was setting up to sprint for 3rd, heal quickly Tony! The next race was the Cat 3 with Danny Pearce, Jeff Mitchell, Shannon Larsen and Taylor Sisson in a field of 65 racers. There were plenty of break attempts but our boys remained in control of the race by staying up front and chasing anything down that tried to get away. With two laps to go Jeff takes a flyer with another rider and gets a small gap on the field, the field reacts and brings Danny right to the final corner for him to do what he does best, Danny wins the field sprint with a decent gap and takes home the winners jersey! The guys executed their race plan in both races absolutely flawlessly and worked together to bring home the results.


Huge Congrats for a solid day of racing!