Carefast | Storck Race Results: Ladera Ranch June 11

Ladera Ranch Masters California State Championships

Team rider lined up in the Elite Masters 55+ in a field of 35 or so riders for the California State jersey. The conditions were wet, course had standing water on it, so the first several laps were pretty tame (around 22mph). Then the attacks started but no break lasted more than a few laps. With just under 2 to go Steve Strickler puts in a little effort & got separation and everyone looked around to see who was going to chase it down. Nobody did and he stayed away. Scott was able to win the bunch sprint for 2nd place!

Ladera Ranch 45+ Masters California State Champs

Team riders Tony Rago and Scott Winzeler line up in a field of 40 or so riders. Course is still damp and a couple of strong teams assembled. There were attacks from the whistle, reeled back and then a counter on lap 3 or so. Once again the field brought it back, Tony and Scott remained in the front of the race in anticipation of a break that may materialize and with the conditions and teams represented, it would have a solid chance. A local racer Pat Bos made a move going into turn 2 on lap 5 or so and the boys latched on, it was a strong effort to create seperation and the break was established. They had a 6-7sec gap as they came out of turn 4. There was another very bad crash that happened behind the break and the officials slowed the group down but allowed them to continue because the incident was isolated off to the left of the road. The guys worked well together and Scott got a prime on one of the laps. Three laps later they had nearly 20 secs, then a couple laps later close to 30 secs on the field. Headed into turn one a spectator was in the corner and spooked Pat causing all three riders to go down. Pat and Scott landed on grass in a median and Tony wasn’t as lucky and hit the asphalt pretty hard. Pat and Scott hurried back to the pits to get restarted but the EMT arrived with their vehicle for the previous crash, so they neutralized the race. Since there wasn’t much time left they ended up calling the race and had the 45s race all over again with the 35s. Tony and Scott were unable to restart due to mechanical issues and injury.

Unfortunately that is how racing goes, some bad luck there but the boys came home with minor injuries, nothing serious.

Ladera Ranch 35+ Masters California State Champs

Team rider Jeff Mitchell lined up solo in a field of close to 50 other riders. By this time the course was dry and this field also had alot of teams represented. Since this is the state champs it would prove to be very active from the whistle. A break was established late in the race and was able to stay away. Jeff wasnt in a position to contend in the bunch sprint so he had to settle for a pack finish.