Name: Chris Pearce

Born/Hometown: Viva Las Vegas, NV

Height: 5’ 10”

Style of Riding: Throwing down power in a sprint lead out train Woot! Woot!

Favorite Race: Manhattan Beach (Love the City and Supporting Audience)

Other Sports or Interests: Golf & Snowboarding (drinking is permissible and not frowned upon)

Stats: Race Results

Follow: Instagram – BusterBrown08

Tell us why you love to ride/race:

Growing up playing soccer I enjoyed the outdoors and the camaraderie I shared with fellow peers. But what a better way to explore the outdoors and get an amazing work-out. At one point during your ride you’re having a fun engaging conversation with your boys and the next moment your tongue is out panting like a dog. Or you’re riding solo reflecting upon the day and releasing tension on what life offers. I started riding for health purposes, however, quickly realized I enjoy a little competition and still have endorphins to wear spandex and be surrounded other reckless feather weight racers at high speeds. I also, have no shame marinating at Starbucks in my tights sipping on a cup of coffee and making faces at the barista.

Looking forward to another year of travel around the west coast and lathering chamois cream in my new sweet Eliel Maverick bibs. Should a teammate think he is Rick-Bobby driving to Cali, I will not hesitate to protect my dome with my Kask Protone helmet. Thank you to all the other supporting sponsors that help support my legal addiction of bike racing.