Name: Elliot Grothe

Born/Hometown: Los Alamitos, CA—Bullhead City, AZ

Height: 5’7 Legit

Style of Riding: Gritty

Favorite Race: Madera Stage Race, Showlow Road Race

Other Sports or Interests: College Football, NFL, Baseball, Lively discussions-not debates, getting informed on social issues, learning/being informed in a plethora of areas

Stats: Race Results

Follow: Strava

Tell us why you love to ride/race: Riding a bike is great exercise. Other than the health benefits I like to reap, riding through different areas in any city or finding a new road/street can expose me to seeing curious things I may have not seen without riding a bike. I like that. As for racing, I love the training aspect that comes with racing. I love the camaraderie I build with my teammates on and off the bike. People often look at riding a bike as a venture in solitude, which it can be at times, but the rewards we reap as a team, being there for each other, is a considerable and often overlooked benefit.