Name: Shannon Larsen

Born/Hometown: Glendale, CA / Las Vegas, NV

Height: 5’ 7”

Style of Riding: Rouleur, Climber

Favorite Race: Stage Race: Tour del Sol

Road Race: UCLA Road Race and Vlees Huis Ronde (It’s a toss up!!!)

Criterium: Brentwood Grand Prix

Other Sports or Interests: MMA, Golf & Family Time. I also keep in good shape by chasing my 3 year old son around.

Stats:   Race Results

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Tell us why you love to ride/race:

I love to just get out and ride my bike. The feeling of freedom, the air, the sights and smells that surround you. You can get on your bike and forget about everything except living and experiencing the moment you are in using your energy to propel you down the road.

I love to race because of my competitive nature. I really enjoy pushing my physical and mental limits. I love to challenge myself whether it’s going for the win or assisting a teammate. I absolutely love the process of setting a goal and working consistently and efficiently with hard dedicated work at achieving that particular goal.