Carefast | Storck Race Results from So Cal June 18-19th

Victorville Road Race


30+ 3/4

Yash Gokul, Tyler Chairsell, Andy Erickson, Shannon Larsen, Steven Keltie and Zac Harpin line up for this one. Relatively flat course with good pavement, the exception being a short technical neighborhood section with horrible pavement. Solid race plan and executed flawlessly until the final lap, unfortunately Andy washes out a dusty turn. This splits the group that is left; Shannon makes the front group, Yash and Zac are caught behind but manage to chase back on. It comes down to Zac leading Yash out for the win and Yash flats in the final kilometer! Zac recovers from the effort and seals 2nd with Shannon rolling in for 7th place.

Taylor Sisson lines up for the Cat 3 later in the day(temps over 100 at this point) and with neutral support not that well organized the excessive heat gets the best of him… we are glad he is safe and didnt push himself to the point of no return.

Victorville Crit Cat 3


Another scorcher in the high desert. A 3-man break gets away, several attempts to bridge but the break sticks. Taylor manages to roll in for 9th place.

Another great weekend for the Plaid Army! Solid riding boys!

Carefast | Storck Race Results from So Cal June 11-12th

Lake Elizabeth Road Race


Results from the Lake Elizabeth Road Race in California today.

Field of 32 in the Cat 3 whittled down to under 15 finishers by the tough climb and windy conditions.

Mike Allec brings home a 4th place finish!

Yash Gokul inside the top 10 and Taylor Sisson and Danny Pearce bring up the final finishers.

Great job guys!!

CBR Crit


The Boys killin it at CBR today in the Cat 3!!

Danny Pearce rolls in 2nd and Jeff Mitchell seals the 3rd!!

Mike Allec avoided a nasty crash in the 45+ at the final corner and was just outside the top 10 for 13th ….

Great weekend for The Plaid Army!!

Way to crush it guys!!

The Mighty Tour De Nez

Steven Keltie and Eliiot Grothe were in Reno for The Mighty Tour De Nez.

Steven brings comes in just outside the top 10 for an 11th place finish and Elliot Grothe inside the top 20 in the 35+ 123 with a 16th place finish.

Plaid is Rad!

Carefast | Storck Race Results from So Cal June 4th

Adrenaline Circuit Race


Some great results out of the Adrenaline Circuit Race in San Diego yesterday.

Mike Allec with a 6th place finish in the 45+.

Shannon Larsen with a top 5 in the Cat 4 and Steven Keltie inside the top 10.

Andy Erickson with a top 5 in the Cat 3s and Taylor Sisson just outside top 10.

Kevin Turchin with a mid-pack finish in the Pro 1-2 and Nathan Grill dealing with a mechanical(bummer)..

Lodi Cyclefest


Team Rider Elliot Grothe seals a top 10 at the Lodi Cycle Fest today! Nice job E!