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Test Drive: EPI PEPPI from Carefast

EPI PEPPI aka Rocket Fuel! When our key sponsor, Carefast, told us they were developing something that would give us an edge on the bike, we were stoked! Our riders have been testing the new hydration/energy supplement, EPI PEPPI, and the feedback has been very positive. We tested it on race day: “It gives you […]

Carefast | Storck Team Summer Camp 2016

The Carefast | Storck Team were in Redlands, CA for their 2016 Summer Camp to enjoy some downtime, do some local rides and train with Brian and Joy McCulloch from Big Wheel Coaching. Hemant Kishore, the 6pack Chef, was there to provide the meals for the team that were nothing short of amazing. To say […]

Carefast | Storck Race Results from So Cal June 18-19th

Victorville Road Race 30+ 3/4 Yash Gokul, Tyler Chairsell, Andy Erickson, Shannon Larsen, Steven Keltie and Zac Harpin line up for this one. Relatively flat course with good pavement, the exception being a short technical neighborhood section with horrible pavement. Solid race plan and executed flawlessly until the final lap, unfortunately Andy washes out a […]

Carefast | Storck Race Results from So Cal June 11-12th

Lake Elizabeth Road Race Results from the Lake Elizabeth Road Race in California today. Field of 32 in the Cat 3 whittled down to under 15 finishers by the tough climb and windy conditions. Mike Allec brings home a 4th place finish! Yash Gokul inside the top 10 and Taylor Sisson and Danny Pearce bring […]

Carefast | Storck Race Results from So Cal June 4th

Adrenaline Circuit Race Some great results out of the Adrenaline Circuit Race in San Diego yesterday. Mike Allec with a 6th place finish in the 45+. Shannon Larsen with a top 5 in the Cat 4 and Steven Keltie inside the top 10. Andy Erickson with a top 5 in the Cat 3s and Taylor […]

Carefast | Storck Race Results from So Cal April 16-17

San Luis Rey Road Race Cat 3 Race Report by Danny Pearce Yash and I started next to 48 other riders. This was my first time at SLR. I didn’t know what to expect other than hold on for the climbs. Soliciting other’s advice and experiences, there would be break attempts but it would most […]