Carefast | Storck Race Results from Arizona Crit State Champs April 2

AZ Crit State Champs Pro 1-2


Race Report by Nathan Grill
I’m not ready for this temperature. It was hot. L-shaped course with a hard u-turn for the first corner and a long, long sprint. I’m guessing 300m from the corner. Anyways, it was Pro12, but 2s were scored separately. It made it interesting, to say the least. The 2s had different colored numbers and that made it a bit easier. For the first few laps it was hard, but that’s because I haven’t been riding that much lately. I tried to get in a few early moves, but after a few failed attempts, I decided to simply mark other 2s and only react if they got into something.

A move with 1s would have been a free ride to the line. A break gets up the road, all 1s and the 3 major teams represented, and then come all the little counters and chasing and whatnot. I’m still just marking 2s and letting the 1s do whatever they’re gonna do. Lap after lap after lap. Bell lap arrives and out of the first turn, a 2 attacks. 1s stay kinda chasing, but I attack approaching turn 2 and I’m closing. Doesn’t look like I’m being followed at this point. Go through turn 3 and… drop my chain and one of my shoes unclip. WHAT THE I CAN’T EVEN. I’M GOING TO CRASH ARGHHHHHH. Somehow get my foot back into the pedal and chain back on before turn 4 and get back into the strung out field around 4th wheel with the one cat 2 still ahead. Everyone starts sprinting out of the last corner. OMG IT’S SO FAR. I give it a go and kick to stay on. Then I kick again and get around a 2. Closing, closing, and I get the one guy that was ahead a few meters before the line. Couldn’t close the other 2, though.

Great Work Nathan!!

Carefast | Storck Race Results from Utah March 4-5

Desert Crit Series Finale – Omnium Weekend

Photo from Allegiant Facebook page

Pro 123

Race Report by Elliot Grothe


The TT was an out and back, 9.1 miles with a sharp climb onto main road then rolling terrain. I was happy with my time, but not in my placing, 7/8

Road Race

Everyone kinda knew that Allegiant wanted Tate to defend his series placing from last year. We just didn’t know how they were going to do this. Race starts and of course and Allegiant is attacking before we make the first turn (100meters away). We get out of town, Grill goes with Shackley and one other rider. Allegiant seems ok with it, I figure that Tyrel and Tate will bridge later on so I am content to try and go with that move.

About 10 miles in, Kevin and two other riders get a gap, and I hear Tyrel tell his team to not worry about it. Kevin’s group catches Grill’s group and now 6 in the break.

We hit the first turn around and are told 4 mins, but it seemed more like 3. This is when I hear Isiah tell someone, let’s bring it back. The entire Allegiant team of 6 goes to the front and start team time trialing the break back. The rest of us sit in getting a free ride. I spend the next 30 miles waiting for Tyrel and Tate to bridge but it never happens and the gap really isn’t coming down. 60 miles in, the gap is just under 3 mins, Allegiant only now has 3 guys pulling, Tyrel, Isaiah, and Jed. We are coming to the first climb, gap is now 2 mins, we can see the lead goup which is now only 3. Kevin, Shackley and one other rider.

We hit the climb at a solid tempo, Tyrel attacks and the group is down to 4 or 5. I am managing well, but others look to be hurting. I knew Tyrel was never going to leave Tate behind, so I was in a good spot knowing I had some in the tank still. Over the top, the gap is 1:30 and Tyrel is back on the front towing us to the next climb. We are closing fast though. We go over the top and I can see Kevin doing most of the work. We make the catch just as we are coming into town, and now things get tricky since nobody really knows where to go or where to turn (The promoter had to employ city volunteers that did not the course.) Kevin tells me he is blown, expectedly after being in the break forever. I try to key off a S2C rider since he is sitting on Tate’s wheel and Tyrel is going to lead him out. It gets a bit chaotic since we are blowing through stop signs and not knowing if we are taking the right turns, then a car pulls out in front of us and slows down! I am just trying to follow wheels and not get killed. I had no idea the last turn was the last turn until a we made the turn, Tyrel wins, Kocher goes by Tate for 2nd and I go past Tate for 3rd. I’ll take that after 80 miles. Kevin get’s 6th which is great after being in the break forever! Grill did an impressive effort in the crit after this which was awesome. Somehow I end up in 3rd overall for the entire series. I jumped into this at the last second after talking with Mike Thursday, and I am glad I did, lot of fun just hanging out. Also awesome to see the team do well in the 3-4 races also. A great weekend for the team!

Pro 123 Crit

Race Report by Nathan Grill

I think there were 15 guys at the start? Everyone had done the road race. Plan was to mark Tate and get Kevin or Elliot into a move with him and if it came down to a bunch sprint, the guys would line it up for me.

Well, Allegiant took the front almost immediately and within 5-8 laps, half of the field was gone. Two Allegiant guys gone already. Elliot made a move and then so did Kevin,but with the small field, nothing was going to get away. From that point, I made sure to stay on or near Tate. Allegiant was just riding tempo at the front, exchanging between Shackley and Tyrel.

At 3 to go, I had Elliot and Kevin get in front of me. At 1.5 laps to go, Kevin started it and came on the inside of the Allegiant train on the back straight. Elliot missed it, but it was okay and Kevin kept it hot for am entire lap. It was great. Out of turn 2, he skipped his wheel and lost some of his momentum and I was going to have to take it from 500m/half a lap. Suddenly, Tyrel pops out, looking for Tate to get on his wheel. I oblige and I’m glued to him until the last corner, where I jump, nobody’s coming around. I take the win to close out a great weekend of racing!

Cat 3/4

The TT was an out and back 9.1 miles final results had Tony 3rd and Mike 4th.

Road Race

Race Report by Andy Erickson
Mike, Jeff, Tony, Tyler, and myself were in a field of 25 or so for this 60 mile out and back. We wanted to ensure Tony’s series points status stayed intact. Aside from that, we wanted to control the race and follow any opportunity that opened up. About 15 or 20 miles into the race I followed an SBR guy and the infamous Charlie Macfarlane as they sprinted away. I had no interest in working with them and I made that clear when an obnoxious rider ever so eloquently requested that I pull through to help hold the pace. A few four letter words were sent my way and the field caught us.

The two big climbs coming back were hot, but not deathly. All of us gathered together after the first but the second climb took its’ toll. Tony flatted on the top and Tyler decided to stay with him to provide help if there was any way to pace back but the lead group was descending and they had a delay at the wheel car.

Mike and myself continued with a group of nine with one Total Care guy off the front. His teammates did a solid job of interrupting efforts to catch. Coming into town we were improperly told to go straight through a 4-way stop where we should have turned right. This led us onto the main town road and we found our way back to the finish via a gas station and parking lot. Keep in mind we’re very much still racing. We had the finish line in site, albeit from a 90 degree angle, with only the registration tent as our final obstacle. We raced around and I crossed the line 2nd in the group, 3rd overall. The Total Care racer stayed away and to his credit rightfully earned it.

We controlled the race extremely well for about 75% of the time and the field respected our efforts. As Mike already said, it was a genuinely great weekend for us all. The hard work put into every race was rewarded every time.

Cat 3/4 Crit

Race Report by Jeff Mitchell
Mike, Tyler and Andy lined up, all around our legs were not fresh after the 60 mile road race prior. Tony Rago sat out for the Crit, having the series title on lockdown and battling respiratory issues, recovery was prudent.

Tyler went out on an early break away with Sidney Thomas and a Total Care racer, max gap hits 45 seconds. Mike and Andy and I chase down any bridge attempts. Ultimately as a result of the Total Care racing team, the break was caught 25 minutes into the race. Several failed attacks subsequent from Total Care, SBR etc. nothing sticks.

2 laps to go, Andy gets on the front and I’m on his wheel, I tell him to keep it hot so the race stays strung out, he does just that, beastly pull, I’m pushing to stay on his wheel, it’s perfect – everyone else is struggling too. He takes us to the first corner of the last lap and on the straight away he tells me he’s done, so it’s go time – I don’t want to lose momentum so I hit it, throwing down a BIG effort through the last 3 corners, I’m still on the front, no swarm so I gun the final sprint and the Total Care lads can’t match the pace, I take the win with about a bike length. Great racing by everyone. Awesome weekend of racing!

Overall Series Results

Due to Jeff’s stellar performance this weekend, and Andy and Mike holding others off in the RR and Crit, he was able to catapult to the 2nd spot in the overall series in the Cat 3/4! Carefast  takes 1st and 2nd in the Desert Crit Series. Congrats Tony and Jeff!

Amazing job by everyone on the team through out this entire series!

Carefast | Storck Race Results from So. Cal. Feb. 27-28

Jurupa Valley Criterium


Cat 3/4

Race Report by Danny Pearce

Jeff, Tyler, Zac and I lined up for the 3/4 race. The goal was to discourage breaks and lead Zac out for a sprint. The race was shortened to 25 minutes due to a crash earlier in the day. Being a short race, the field wasn’t letting anyone get away. Any attempts were squash quickly. A lot of them due to Jeff and Tyler. As expected, they crushed their “break duty” role.

Crossing the line with 1 lap to go, Tyler and Jeff were 1 and 2. With Zac on my wheel, we rode up to 6th position. I’m feeling confident with our team setting the pace and Zac on my wheel with a ½ lap to go. A surge comes up the left side. They created a pinch in the group from cutting right, while individuals in the pack cut left trying to get on. This causes a rider to go down, taking out Zac. [Insert multiple expletives]. I made the quick decision that I’d be plan B.

I put in a couple big efforts to make up position. I was 7th wheel coming into the last corner, jumping up another two positions after the turn. Sit-in…. Try to recover for a second…. Nope, not going to happen. Bryan Wierzchucki jumps. I match his sprint but didn’t have the legs left to come around him, ending in a 2nd place finish. Kudos to Impact. They ran a legit 4 or 5 guy lead-out train.

Overall, the day was bittersweet since Jeff and Tyler did a great job putting myself in a position to lead-out Zac, only to have Zac taken out. I’m confident our plan “A” would of gotten Carefast on the top step. Great Job guys! Thanks Elliot for the solid workout plans leading up to Saturday.


Race Report by Tyler Chairsell

We lined up with Mike, Yash, Jeff, Danny and myself. Zac was taken out in the 3/4 race on the last lap, so he sat out on this race. The plan was to take Jeff to the line for the sprint finish.

We decided that that we need to push the pace of the race so that we can position ourselves for the finish. Mike set the pace early consistently catching break attempts without surging. Yash did a great job covering attacks from some strong riders. Jeff and I stayed up front for most of the race. With 4 laps to go I found myself up front setting the pace with Jeff on my wheel. No other teams wanted no part in taking the lead. So I just up front going as easy as I could without going too slow.

With 2 laps to go Yash and Mike took turns pulling in the front. I took over again and attacks started. We slowly brought them back then Danny took over the pacemaking with one lap to go with Jeff on his wheel and then myself sweeping for Jeff. Impact team came around Danny on the third turn. Jeff tried to join their train but too many guys followed so we were drag racing right next to them. Then crash out of turn three caused a Cast Shadow rider to attack so we followed. Jeff put an effort into and out of turn 4. Then we started to get swarmed. That’s when I went with everyone else. I held good position until the slight uphill to the finish. I started to get passed right before the line. I probably got a top 10-15 place finish. I thought we controlled raced pretty well. We just came up short at the end. Timing is everything. Great work boys!

Masters 50+

Race Report by Mike Allec

I was solo in a good size filed of around 50 racers. There were a few decent size teams, most notable was BBI, a regular force in this age group. I kept to my standard plan when solo, only follow good looking breaks, freelance the sprint if it stays together. I was really focused on keeping my mind in the race for the whole 40 min (well 35), keeping position and anticipating moves.

First half of the race was pretty quiet, just a few half-assed break attempts. Now that I’ve done a couple of races around this category, it’s easier to know what attacks you never follow. In the 2nd half of the race BBI starting launching attacks, so I ended up following more than a few, but nothing stuck. Things calmed down after the lap cards came out so I got ready to for the sprint. Elliot had pointed out a guy with a big spring number, so I was watching for him.

With 3 to go, I got swarmed in the last corner, lost some positioning. After hearing Elliot yelling at me as we came by I started moving back up. I ended up a little too far up, sitting 3rd wheel behind 2 BBI guys. One guy pulled for a lap, and as we came into the final lap I knew I was not in a great spot now sitting 2nd wheel. I decided to stay there and wait to either attack if the guy pulled far enough into the lap or fight the swarm when he pulled off. The latter happened, and as he pulled off I got into a pretty good position. The guy Elliot had pointed out made a move to the front, and I thought ‘ah perfect!’. Not sure what happened, but he only made it about half way up the little hill, then slowed up and pulled off. I got caught in the swarm and about 20 guys went around me, race over.

Boulevard Road Race

Cat 3

Race Report by Yash Gokul

Lining up up with a field of 70 in one of the toughest road races on the calendar. So. Cals best climbers were all there so the plan was to stay close to the front and avoid any mishaps on the twisty 10mile decent and take as much cover and hold on for the 10 mile accent ….. for three laps.

The eventual victor solo’d away in the first lap of a quite windy day. No one could survive a solo dash for 50 miles…. Right?

With a strong tail wind blowing up the tail end of the main climb. It felt like a fast paced furnace. Literally everyone was hitting PR’s and a new KOM was crowned.
Unfortunately for me I found myself in a chase group maintaining a 1 min gap to the leaders after the first lap. After the second lap I found the chase group dwindling down as guys quit or got dropped.
At the end I rolled in 20minutes behind the leaders with 3 others….. Just happy to finish such a brutal race.

Some things I learned and Notables:
-Cattle guards are dangerous…. A guy went in one on the descent … handle bars hitting the ground in a crash of epic proportions. (taking out several racers)
– The best moves are the ones no one believes have a chance…
– Don’t come back to Blvd unless you are 140lbs or under

Masters 35+

Race Report by Elliot Grothe

This may get lengthy.

Lined up against Monster Media (Tintsman, Coxworth, Demarchi, Easter, Bordine, Big Bill, and friends) and Helens squad (Wikstrom, Manzella, Moston, and more friends). Between these two teams, fifteenish, they had about half the field of 30-35.

My plan was don’t follow anything until after the first lap, figuring a break would be up the road already by that point and perhaps I get in the second chase group.

First lap, a group of 5 get away before we even start the descent portion. The pace is easy, until we hit the first gradual backside climb, which isn’t even part of the actual main climb. I’m in the gutter, trying to draft going 17mph and people are getting dropped. For reference, last year in the 3’s we went 14mph on this section, with triple the riders. I just make it over and start thinking, wow the main climb is gonna get crazy. Oddly, we take the climb really easy. Over the top I look around, The group is roughly 10 now, with the break still up the road. Over the top there are 6-8 attacks as MM and Helens are blitzkrieg’n each other. I follow a few, even putting in an attack of my own. All together though as we descend.

Again I find myself in the gutter on the first gradual climb on the backside, 6-7 mins of just hanging on for dear life. Our group is single file, ten guys, it hurts, legs are heavy but I make it. We get to the main climb and I am hoping we go easy again. No, not this time, it’s harder and the struggle is real. I start getting dropped at the KOM sign. I’m 15 seconds behind over the top. Another rider has been dropped, I catch him and proceed to drill the rollers as hard as I can. This rider never helps, just stays on my wheel which is smart. I get us back to the group just as we start the last 300m climb to the finish, I get popped right away, while the rider who made it back with him, is able to stay in the group-he would end up getting 12th.

Anyway now solo, Karl Bordine and Chad Moston catch me on the descent, now three of us working. We get to the backside climb and drop Chad, so now just Karl and I. We catch Tintsman, back to three. Onto the main climb, we catch Randall Coxworth. Now 4 rolling to the finish, I’m kinda pissed, about getting dropped, but I’m finishing with three strong strong riders on a brutal course. Bordine hits it hard up the last 300m, I am empty but I see we are catching Mike Easter. I dig harder, Karl is about 10 seconds in front of me, Tintsman and Coxworth are about 20 seconds behind me, I just want to catch Easter now, Karl catches him first and pushes him the last 50m to the finish.

I roll in 5 seconds later-15th. I’ll take that.

Great work guys on such a gnarly course!

Carefast | Storck Race Results From Utah Feb. 20

Desert Crit Series – St. George – Ft. Pierce


Cat 3/4

Race Report by Zac Harpin

Andy, Sergei, Tyler, Jeff, Danny and myself lined up with a pretty simple plan… no breaks on this particular day, just keep it to a sprint finish for me to take a stab at. Surprisingly other teams seemed pretty anxious to initiate attacks and get off the front, which caught us by surprise a bit. It’s a course where a break can go pretty easily, I think we just thought others might be looking to us to initiate it with our larger numbers.

Anyhow, Andy and Tyler do a great job of managing the attacks that do go; they’re always in them but doing little if any work to discourage them. Fast forward to 3 to go and a Cicada & independent rider launch. Nobody panics but they are motivated and nobody in the field is too motivated to bring them back. Jeff & Danny take the lead and being them back within lap or so. The independent rider re-attacks messing up our lead out plan; Danny makes the perfect call and decides to stay on the front for another lap and bring him back. Danny’s smoked at this point and Jeff is on my wheel in a sweeper role as he’s put in a lot of work, fresh off food poisoning too. This is where the fun begins, although I know Jeff would disagree. ; )

1 to go and I’m second wheel; I know I’m about to lead out the field or get swarmed if we don’t figure out something fast. I tell Jeff he has to come around and give me a big effort. He’s smoked but he’s the man for the job. Jeff comes around and does what he does best… drills it. He in the saddle, out of the saddle, in again, out again… He’s torched but not giving up. My motivational speaking is at an all time high; I’m just hoping he can get me to the second to last corner and I’ll jump from there. Long, but doable. Jeff dumps me into that corner just as I had hoped for, I jump and put in a good one and we get the win.

Can’t say enough about the work that Tyler and Andy put in early and the work that Danny and Jeff put in late to get us in a position to win. Flawless decision making too on their part. My job was easy because of all the work they did. Great work fellas, on to the next one.

Pro 123

Race Report by Nathan Grill

It was Zac, Danny, Jeff, Andy, Tyler, and myself. Everyone else had finished the 3/4 race an hour prior and they all said the felt pretty cooked. Started off pretty mellow and then came the attacks. A few small breaks got off the front and I commanded the guys to get to the front and slowly bring them back. Great job to Danny, Andy, Zac, and Tyler for stepping up without question. I went at about 28 minutes in with Tate and we were joined about a lap later by 6 guys. We went around for a bit and the announcer called a prime for series points. I sat back and let others battle it out. There was a little gap with me, Tate, 2 SBR guys including and a rider from Cicada, so we took advantage of it. Fast forward and we’re all taking pulls, but some aren’t pushing as hard as others. At 7 laps to go, I decide I’m going to start skipping rotations. SBR has 2 guys and it’s their race to lose. I pull through every few rotations and at 4 laps to go were going easy. SBR gets to the front and starts to pick up pace. 2 to go and I’m 3rd wheel behind Tate, going along the back straight, against the cones and he clips the cone and then I run it over with my rear wheel and nose wheelie for a few feet.

Thankfully I recover. Coming into the last lap, there’s a small gap of about 15-20 meters to one of the SBR guys and the pace really picks up. Then we lapped the field. I really, really didn’t want to lap the field, especially in lap cards and especially on the last lap. This was right before turn 3. Come out of the turn and I’m leading, Allegiant jumps out of the field and a Tate takes his wheel, with the Cicada kid is in tow. They go wide and the Cicada kid missed the jump. He goes and I have to make up room and then sprinted around him. Was a close finish and ran out of road to close it — Tate takes the win by a wheel and I roll in for 2nd.

All in all, I’m super proud of how everyone rode, especially considering they all had a race in their legs already. You’re all riding fantastic and is great to see you all in form! Lets keep crushing it!

Carefast | Storck Race Results from AZ and So Cal. Feb. 12-14


Race Report by Terry Steeves

Team Carefast | Storck spent the weekend mixing it up in early season racing action between SoCal and the UCLA Road Race and in Arizona at the Valley of Sun Stage Race.

The team had some great success this weekend on all fronts across multiple categories. When the dust settled, here’s where we stood.

Valley of the Sun Stage Race

A big thanks to all the volunteers WMRC pulls together for this event, and Landis Cyclery for all they do to support such a great event.

Cat 2

Kevin Turchin and Nathan Grill took on the Cat 2 field and came away with solid performances overall. Kevin was a little disappointed in his Stage 1 TT, but a solid road race performance in Stage 2 moved him up in the GC. Nathan managed his RR effort to maximize his crit performance in Stage 3. He spent much of his time near the front of the crit race and both guys would finish in the lead group with the same time.

Masters 45+

Mike Allec, Terry Steeves, and Tony Rago raced in the M45 category. After the Stage 1 TT all guys were comfortably inside the top 20. The Stage 2 Road Race ended in an uphill sprint to the line with the reduced field down to about 28 riders in the lead group. All three of the Carefast/Storck boys made the final selection and earned the same time as the winners. The Stage 3 crit was a short race where we needed to do all we could to move everyone up in the GC. A last lap boggle with an inattentive spectator on course caused havoc and evasive maneuvers in the field causing an ‘every man for himself’ scenario, and we held our own. At the end of the day we had all 3 riders in the top 15 GC with Terry 9th, Mike 12th, and Tony 13th.

Masters 35+

Elliot Grothe raced the M35 category and started off Stage 1 with a solid TT performance putting him just outside the top 10. A good showing in the road race moved Elliot up to a top 10 overall. Elliot put himself on the podium in the stage 3 crit to move up two more spots in the overall to 8th in GC.

Cat 3

Andy Erickson took on the Cat 3 field by himself and was largely focused on using this as an early season training block. Andy bettered his 2015 TT time at this event in Stage 1, put himself in a solid break move in the Stage 2 Road Race before it was eventually brought back and positioned himself well the Stage 3 crit, responding to few breakaway efforts before finishing in the lead group.

Cat 4

Sergei Vasilyev raced the Cat 4 field alone and took advantage of the race environment to build on some early season training. Using his road bike in the Stage1 TT would put him out of contention but Sergei was focused on the Stage 2 Road Race and Stage 3 crit. Sergei comes away with a good training block in a great race environment.

UCLA Road Race

Shannon Larsen and Yash Gokul made the trip to SoCal for the UCLA Road Race.

Shannon raced the 35+4/5 race and having just recovered from the flu his expectation was simply to use this as a training effort.

Yash Gokul hit the Cat 3 race with a view to take on some of the areas best Cat 3 climbers. First lap went good… everyone hit it pretty hard but on the first lap most everyone was fresh enough to stay on. The 2nd lap is when most of the damage happened. Yash missed move that took a front group containing about 10 riders up the road. Yash kept it going for a possible top 20.

Carefast | Storck Race Results from Utah Feb. 6th

Desert Crit Series – St. George Airport Course (Modified)


Cat 3/4

Race report by Tony Rago

Desert Crit Series Airport – Cat 3/4

Danny, Shannon, Yash, Zac and I lined up for this one with a field of 25. Cicada, Rapid City, Canyon and Mandalay were all there.

This was the airport course and it was modified with a chicane after the first corner and then a hairpin right before the final corner into a short sprint.

There were plenty of attacks but due to the longer course and a little headwind on the backside, nothing was really sticking. Yash was up front and covering any and all attempts like a champ!

With about 20mins to go a Cicada rider went for a prime and I covered him which created a decent gap. I told him to go, we had a gap so let’s build on it. He said he was gassed and needed to recover. I told him to take my wheel. When he said he was good, he did a small pull and then he was gone. I now had enough a gap to build on and although it was early I committed. I believe this was with 8 to go – lap cards were not out yet.

I was getting time splits from Will at Rapid City and at the peak I had 27 secs on the field. When I looked back I could see the boys covering anything that made an attempt to come after me.

Last lap I had a 19 sec gap and I held on to finish 1st followed by Zac in 2nd and Danny in 3rd. A Carefast Podium Sweep!

Thanks to Danny, Shannon, Yash and Zac for executing a perfect race and big thanks to coach Elliot for putting me through the paces!

Looking forward to the next one boys!


Race Report by Danny Pearce

Desert Crit Series – St George Airport Course

Pro 123

Zac, Terry, Tony, Kevin, and I lined up with about 25 others. The familiar faces of the Allegiant, Cicada, and Canyon Cycles showed.

Rapid City changed up the usual oval course. They added a double chicane on the back side of the course, coming into the finish line. It made a rounded “M”, with a 8-10 second sprint coming out of the last turn. We knew that we wanted to be first entering the last chicane as there wasn’t much opportunity move through it.

As expected, the other teams were motivated to get in a break. They each took turns trying, but all of us were on break duty today and reeled them back one after another. We rode smart, letting 1 rider go, but following the bridge attempts.

A couple times we found ourselves in breaks, with 20 second gaps as we followed wheels. The break I was in became discouraged when I wouldn’t put my nose in the wind. Mission accomplished. Zac got into promising break of 6. It had all the teams represented. Allegiant didn’t like the make-up of it and brought it back. Tony threw out a solid counter punch with 3 to go, making the other teams react. The attempts continued till the last lap. Starting up the back stretch a rider tried to go on a flier, but Tyrel and I followed. About half way up the long backstretch, he realized he didn’t have it when he looked to his right and there was a surging Carefast train lead out by Zac, with Terry on his wheel. It was a glorious sight.

Tyrel jumped on Terry’s wheel and I followed. Terry jumped before the chicane, making Tyrel put in a big dig to make up ground. Coming out of the last turn it was a drag race.

Carefast 1 & 2! Terry edged out Tyrel by a thousandth of a second. Solid effort from everyone in Plaid. Smart riding and great times.

Another solid weekend in the books for The Plaid Army!

See you in AZ for the Valley of the Sun Stage Race.

Carefast | Storck Race Results from Utah and So. Cal. Jan. 23-24

Desert Crit Series Race #2 – Ivins Park

Photos by Taylor Sisson


Cat 3/4

Race Report by Jeff Mitchell

This was the second race in the Desert Crit Series and we had myself, Daniel Pearce, Sergei Vasilyev, Tony Rago, Chris Pearce, Shannon Larsen, Yash Gokul, and Tyler Chairsell. We had the numbers and talent to control the race.

The race started with some aggressive breakaway attempts but nothing stuck for the first few laps. Eventually Charles Mcfarlane from Canyon Sports initiated an aggressive attack. I decided to chase; our break stuck and by about mid race we were able to lap the field. Once we lapped, it was all about keeping him in our control. Danny, Tyler, Yash and Tony did a bunch of work to keep the pace hot, and catch other break attempts.

Charles tried to break off in the last lap, Danny & Tyler brought it back. I took the win, Tony took the field sprint for 3rd, Danny 5th, Tyler 6th and Yash was 9th.

Great racing boys, another dominate performance!

Cat 4:


Race Report by Shannon Larsen:

This was the first race of the season for me. Both Sergei and myself lined up for this one. Plan was to stay up front and watch for any breaks to get into with the strong riders I knew of. There were several breaks early in the race but all looked pretty weak looking at who was attempting them. Later in the race the eventual winner got away on his own. With 2 to go, I got a little distance between me and the group but they brought me back just at the top of the hill. So here we go with 1 to go. I was trying to recover as best as possible from the dig I put in on the start/finish stretch and downhill before the back stretch. Hitting the top of the hill and through the corner I sprinted with what I had left and finished 7th.

Pro 123:


Race Report by Terry Steeves:

Kevin Turchin, Nathan Grill, and Terry Steeves lined up for this race as our main event of the day, but we were fortunate to have a ton of support from many of our Cat 3 guys despite them already having 1 race in their legs on the day. The course was as short as any crit we have ever done with sub 1 minute lap times. Allegiant had a stacked team of fresh legs and they launched attack after attack. Grill or Kev covered most of them but as they would get brought back, as expected, a counter would go. Tony Rago stuck his nose in more than a few times to support the guys at the front, but the numbers weren’t in our favor and Allegiant got one guy away. Unable to motivate a coordinated chase from the field the laps ticked away. It would be a race for second. We had good position for the final lap and I was sitting 3rd wheel with Grill on the front. Terry kicked from turn 3, but the rider between he and Grill overbraked for the turn and the swarm was on them. Terry was pushed wide into the ribbon and the cones and had to ease off the pedals, now about 10th wheel with no momentum and 300m to go. Terry kicked again and managed to pull back to 3rd in the bunch sprint settling for 4th overall.

A good result and solid team effort. “I take responsibility for leaving the door open slightly in T3 knowing that that is what ultimately cost us the podium. There was plenty of room for the rider to my inside to exit the turn, keep his momentum and not run us out to the fence but he chose not to.” That’s racing. We had a great race, and the team is riding really well together. Congrats to Allegiant, they had a great plan and executed it perfectly deserving of the win.

Season Opener in So Cal at CBR


Cat 3

Race Report by Tyler Chairsell

This race had over 60 racers and it was an hour long. Mike Allec just finished a masters crit 10 minutes prior to the Cat 3 race. I literally talked to him 30 secs prior to the start. He gave me some advice to watch the Lux riders. My plan was to make it into the winning break. I knew the winning break would come later in the race. I followed as many breaks as I could that had 2 or more Lux riders in it.  With 20 mins to go, a break of 4 went up the road with 1 Lux rider. Then Lux went to the front and slowed the group down. I noticed that then attacked hard out the next turn and bridged solo. Then next 20 mins we had a few others bridge. Some worked, some didn’t. I did a little of both.

By the last few laps we had 8 in the break. Lux rider attacked with a monster media rider with a lap to go. I remained at tempo and eventually caught them with half a lap. I was sitting third wheel into the last corner, but I didn’t have the snap or power for the final sprint. I got 7th. Mike finished safely with the group.

I was happy with how was able to bridge multiple breaks without blowing myself up. I was happy how I was able to recover. I need to be able to think tactically and save as much energy as possible in the break. The guys who won did the least amount of work.

45+ 123

Race Report by Mike Allec

I lined up solo for this race, which means either follow a lot of breaks or just let everything go and hope it’s together for a sprint. I opt to follow breaks (shocker!) A couple of teams were pretty aggressive so there were plenty to follow. There was one about half way thru the race that seemed promising, but it was brought back. Right before the lap cards came out, a great break went, including a guy that was announced before the race as the winningest racer in US history. I was on the opposite side of the street when it went, so I initially missed it, waited for a few to see how promising it looked and then decided to bridge. A couple of guys followed, and we spent the next 3.5 minutes chasing, finally catching the 3 guys up the road. We all worked together, but the group closed in on us at turn 3 as we were coming into the final lap. I still had a small gap coming up the hill so I decided to make another jump. I made it just past turn 1 of the final lap and then was caught and swarmed by the group.

Thank you to all of our sponsors and supporters!

The Plaid Army is headed to Santa Barbara next weekend for the Santa Barbara County Road Race and the Carlos Soto Memorial Crit!

Carefast | Storck Kicks off the Season in Utah at the Desert Crit Series

Cat 3/4 Race

Race Report By Tyler Chairsell
Photography by Taylor Sisson


We had a stacked team in this race. During the team meeting, everyone was given a job. Tony, Yash, Sergei and I were to stay in the front and watch for any breaks. If the break looked good we would follow it. If it looked dangerous, we would bring it back. Mike and Jeff were going to attempt to get in a break late into the race. If it can came down to a sprint we would leadout Zac.

Race started out mellow. Within a 2 laps there was a rider off the front. We let him go knowing the group would catch him. Sure enough the rider was caught. Yash and I were towards the front of the field. There were a few weak attacks off the front that no one followed. I ended up following an aggressive attack up the hill that ended up petering out. I found myself off the front by a few seconds with another rider. I figured 2 riders can get through the 2 corners faster than 40 riders so I hit the corners as fast as I could. The Cicada rider followed me and went around and pulled me up the hill. When we went into turn 3, I looked and was surprised we had a gap! 3 laps later we had a 26 second advantage over the field with 35 minutes to go. The Cicada rider and I worked together from there on and managed to see the tail end of the field with 10 laps to go. I was told that were multiple attempts of other riders trying to bridge the gap, but our team discouraged them and they were brought back.

The race went 10 minutes longer than planned. With 5 laps to go I focused on positioning myself to be in front on certain parts of the course to keep the other rider motivated work. I was also looking at his body language to see if he was showing any signs of being tired. The last few laps seemed to ease up in intensity, so I was concerned that the Cicada rider would try an attack at some point. We stayed together through the last lap. The Cicada rider took the lead up the hill. I stayed on his wheel into the third corner. This is where I attacked. When we went around the corner, there were 4 riders in the middle of the road. It caught me off guard. This caused me to take the outside line while the Cicada rider went on the inside. This gave him the advantage.

Luckily, I was able out sprint him at the line. Then our team won the field sprint with Danny getting 3rd, Zac 4th, Tony 5th and Jeff 7th.
It was not my intention to establish a break that early into the race. But when the field gives you some space, you might as well take advantage of the opportunity. Our team really controlled the race from start to finish. We were able to communicate well and everyone performed the job that they were assigned.

Video of the last 3 laps by Daniel Pearce

P123 Race

Race Report by Danny Pearce

Carefast Squad: Terry, Mike, Elliot, Yash, Grill, Kevin, Zac, Tyler, Jeff, Andy, Tony, and myself. Stoked to have a full team.
The Plan: Mike and Elliot get in a break. If we didn’t like it, we’d real it back in. If it came down to a sprint, we would like it up for me.

The first couple laps started out hot, as to be expected. I was debating on calling an audible and letting everyone know “I didn’t have it” for the sprint. Luckily, Grill did a great job of positioning himself to get in the break. This helped alleviate the pack’s pace for a bit. Carefast was out numbered in the break. Grill found himself next to 2 allegiant riders, 2 canyon riders, 2 Endurance 360 riders, and Joseph Garey. In the group, we didn’t love the makeup of the break because of the numbers. On the bright side, we knew Grill was the strongest sprinter. We were slow to make a decision, so we had to live with it. At its largest point, the break had 52 seconds on the field. “This race is over.” Hope Grill plays his cards right and can win. We managed the race by covering bridge attempts, but not actively trying to pull back the break. With a couple laps to go, surprisingly we caught the break on the backside hill. They started playing games that it allowed the pack to catch them. With 1 lap to go, I let Kam in between Terry and I. I was thinking this was exactly where I wanted to be. Grill and Terry drilled it at the front! Flying through turn 1 got the adrenaline pumping. Terry and Grill did a perfect job delivering me to the last corner. I jumped on the inside line and sprinted to a second place finish. Tyrell made a smart move with a half lap. Dude is strong and it stuck. Well done team!

There were many bridge attempts that Terry, Kevin, Elliot, Mike, Zac, and Tony jumped on. At one point I thought Elliot and an Allegiant guy were going to bridge. All the hard work doesn’t go unnoticed. Great work. It’s appreciated.

Lastly, Thank you Elliot for the coaching. It is obvious the program you’ve developed prepared me and many others for race day.

The Carefast | Storck Winter Camp 2015


The Carefast | Storck Winter Training Camp 2015

During the week of Christmas 2015, December 20-25, while most were gorging on holiday food or traveling to see their loved ones, The Plaid Army held its 2015 Winter Camp.

Most of our riders were already in their standard winter training blocks but this weekend, and the days to follow, would prove to not only test their fitness but offer a great learning experience.

Dr. Johnathan Edwards and Pro cyclist Jon Hornbeck were on hand to help with questions and tips about nutrition, race strategy and training for the upcoming season.

Day 1 the team made their way into the Lake Mead National Park for 5-6 hours of saddle time and a plethora of drills on their Storck Bikes.

Day 2 the team launched from the M Casino and spent 5-6 hours of saddle time out to Jean, Goodsprings and Sandy Valley. More drills, more pain and more learning on and off the bike.

The subsequent days were peppered with group rides and all around camaraderie that this team is known for. We are looking forward to a great 2016 season where many of our riders will be racing in new categories and defending their stellar results from the previous season.

We want to thank our sponsors for making this possible and we hope you all join us in following the team throughout the 2016 season on Facebook, Instagram and through our new website

Eliel Signs Las Vegas Based Carefast | Storck Cycling Team


Since the very humble beginnings, a distinctive “Plaid” design on the Carefast – Storck team kit has been a major part of the team branding, and has become the trademark of the team.

For 2016, the “Plaid Army” will be rolling out in Eliel’s Carbon infused Mavericks Aero Speedsuit to all the regional races in California, Utah, Arizona and Nevada.

You will also find the Carefast – Storck team supporting virtually every charitable ride in Las Vegas area.

Upgrade your team brand with Eliel’s extensive line of custom cycling gear.

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